Cleanroom Technologies Society of Turkey

The Cleanroom Technologies Society was established to respond to the training demands of the relevant stakeholders working in cleanrooms and all related controlled clean areas.

The Cleanroom Technologies Society of Turkey was formed to meet the educational needs of those who work in cleanrooms and controlled areas. They collaborate with international institutions and organisations in the relevant standards of the sector. The Society closely follows developments in the cleanroom industry and facilitates access to information and technologies on these issues.

Training Courses

The Cleanroom Technologies Society of Turkey regularly delivers CTCB-I Cleanroom Testing courses. A course is scheduled for Q3/2023. For more information on the content of the courses, please visit the Turkish Cleanroom Society website. You can find dates of confirmed upcoming courses in the CTCB-I Calendar.

Cleanroom Training Days

Outside of CTCB-I Courses, the society also offers training days. They are based on interactive training supported by theoretical and practical information. The courses explore practical approaches and tips for incorporating these changes to the ISO 14644-1:2015 standard into new applications. Specifically, they delve into the critical topic of cleanroom monitoring. Candidates can learn how to create effective monitoring plans and the considerations to take when implementing a continuous monitoring system.

CACR Publication

Members of the Cleanroom Technologies Society of Turkey benefit from the quarterly publication. Clean Air and Containment Review is a quarterly journal aimed at users, specifiers, designers, manufacturers, installers and testers of clean air and containment equipment. It publishes articles of topical, technical and historical interest, updates on standards and regulations, news, views and information on relevant events, especially training.

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Contact the nearest Cleanroom Society to you: In addition to the CCN, our other societies are Cleanroom Technology Society of TurkeyICSR3Nordic and VCCN.