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It was long realised that the international accreditation of cleanroom training courses was desirable and would improve the transferability of training standards in the worldwide cleanroom industry. The ICCCS (International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies) based in Switzerland set up an ICCCS Education Board (formerly called ICEB (International Cleanroom Educational Board)) to promote the preparation and accreditation of internationally recognised educational courses for people who design, construct, test, monitor, operate, and work as operators in cleanrooms. Courses would be accredited through a submission sent to the ICCCS Accredited Education that would provide information about the course and demonstrate that the course conformed to an accreditation framework. Currently, CTCB-I courses in Ireland and The Netherlands have been accredited by the ICCCS Accredited Education.

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Here you can find downloadable documentation about the CTCB-I. These include the statutes and revision lectures as well as course information for candidates and societies. There are also example exam papers for the Cleanroom Testing and Cleanroom Technology courses and a course flyer.

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Course Flyer

Course Flyer

Sample Exam Papers

Sample Exam Papers

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