R3 Nordic

R3 Nordic Association provides knowledge and relationships between individuals and organisations active within cleanroom technology in Nordic countries. In addition to activities and meetings for education and development, the association annually organises a symposium and an exhibition on R3 technology (Cleanliness and Clean Rooms). The association is a member of ICCCS and has cooperation agreements with, among others, PDA (Parenteral Drug Association) and ESPC (European Sterile Products Confederation) comprising, e.g., PS (UK), A3P (France) and AEFI (Spain).

R3 Nordic creates exciting and engaging opportunities for people to learn and grow within the cleanroom industry. From networking events to educational activities, all the way to symposiums and exhibitions, their focus is on building a community of passionate professionals who want to stay on top of the latest developments in this essential field. 

Non-profit R3 Nordic

The R3 Nordic Association is non-profit, and the activities are led by a central board. Each country has a local working committee (LAU) responsible for, among other things, domestic courses and seminars and hosting the symposia that alternate between the countries. Within the association, there are also several sections with particular expertise in prioritised areas of activity. The R3Nordic Association also has an International Steering Group (ISG) with representatives from all nine countries. The ISG is responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating regional strategies and policies in research, education, innovation and communication.

A variety of courses

R3 Nordic has the knowledge, experience and solid skills required for professional training in R3 technology. R3Nordic delivers various courses throughout the year. They range from introductory courses and special courses for multiple techniques and industries to seminars and CTCB-I Cleanroom courses. Successful candidates from CTCB-I courses can be found in the ProfessionalAssociate and Technology Registers. They also organise themed days, for example, around ventilation, to provide more specific learning opportunities. If you have an unusual requirement, they will try and meet your needs, contact R3Nordic to find out more. 

Annual Symposium

R3 Nordic organise an annual symposium and exhibition with guest speakers attending from across the cleanroom field. It provides an opportunity for attendees to expand their knowledge in several disciplines. The program will cover a wide range of subjects, including New EU-GMP Annex 1, Energy saving in HVAC, Food safety, Pandemic control strategies in the built environment, The hospitals of the future, Risk assessment and more. 

Book a CTCB-I Cleanroom Technology course

Contact the nearest Cleanroom Society to you: In addition to the CCN, our other societies are Cleanroom Technology Society of TurkeyICSR3Nordic and VCCN.