The Irish Cleanroom Society

The Irish Cleanroom Society (ICS) was set up in 1998 to advance the education of the public in matters relating to the practice and science of cleanroom technology and contamination control.

The Irish Cleanroom Society (ICS) is a not-for-profit membership subscription-based organisation supporting the Cleanroom community in Ireland. The main focus of the ICS is to offer better knowledge and awareness of technology to professionals in the semiconductor, medical technology, pharmaceutical, healthcare and food sectors. Through our membership, we offer networking and learning opportunities, connecting professionals from all areas of the industry.


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ICCCS Accreditation

The ICCCS, based in Switzerland, set up an ICCCS Education Board (formerly ICEB – International Cleanroom Educational Board) to promote the preparation and accreditation of internationally recognised educational courses for people who design, construct, test, monitor, operate, and work as operators in cleanrooms. Courses would be accredited through a submission sent to the ICCCS Accredited Education that would provide information about the course and demonstrate that the course conforms to an accreditation framework.

The ICS and CTCB-I courses

Since 2003, the Society has worked closely with the CTCB-I (Cleanroom Testing and Certification Board International) and has run a series of training courses developed by the CTCB-I. In 2007, the International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies (ICCCS), an international body comprising national cleanroom societies worldwide, felt that having an international standard for training courses was desirable, especially as the industry is such a global one. The CTCB-I course dates can be found in the Calendar.

CACR Publication

The CACR bridges the void between news-focused media and academic journals on its topic, emphasising professional development. It strikes a balance between easy-to-digest content and rigorous research. The journal is published four times a year and is available to all ICS members. 

All successful Cleanroom  Testing Professional and  Associate candidates and  Cleanroom Technology  candidates can be found in the registers on this site.

Book a CTCB-I Cleanroom Technology course

Contact the nearest Cleanroom Society to you: In addition to the CCN, our other societies are Cleanroom Technology Society of TurkeyICSR3Nordic and VCCN.