Cleanroom Testing Certification

The purpose of the CTCB-I Cleanroom Testing programme is to support individuals for the Cleanroom sector to get certification in Testing or knowledge by providing current information, training and examination. This supports the industry by demonstrating competency in testing or managing Cleanrooms in all applications.

The Cleanroom Testing Course

Ensuring that Cleanrooms operate correctly is crucial to maintaining a clean and safe environment. Testing is an essential step that must be taken both at the beginning and throughout the lifespan of the Cleanroom. It helps to confirm that the air supply is sufficient and of high quality, air movement is effective, and the level of particles and microorganisms is within acceptable limits. By conducting these tests you can ensure that the Cleanroom functions optimally and provides the necessary protection to process, people and environment.

Testing a cleanroom requires skill, and the Cleanroom Testing and Certification course is provided to ensure this. The CTCB-I, a non-profit-making board, carries out teaching and certification. It was set up in the UK in 2003 as an education and training initiative to help fulfil the objectives of contamination control societies and the Irish Cleanroom Society in Ireland, R3Nordic in Scandinavia, VCCN in The Netherlands, the CCN in United Kingdom, and CTS in Turkey have all joined and help build and grow it into the internationally recognised certification community that it is today. More Societies are being supported and encouraged to join, so please contact the current Chairman if you are interested to offer this programme in your country or region.

Cleanroom Testing Registration

Candidates can register for either of the two levels of certification.

Professional certification:

The Professional candidacy is for Cleanroom testing professionals who routinely carry out all aspects of Cleanroom testing. At the time of the final exam, you should have a minimum of 2 years experience. If you apply, and have suitable qualifications, you will be required to:

Associate certification:

The course is for people who are either:

If you apply, and have suitable qualifications, you will be required to:

The Course Notes and Programme

The candidate will receive the course Book/notes about Cleanroom Testing, with a booklet of questions and answers for each topic in the notes, so that the candidate can assess their knowledge and use it for self-learning. The programme of the course is as follows:

Cleanroom Testing course information



All candidates attend a one-day course on practical aspects of filter integrity, air and velocity measurement, and particle counting. The written exams are identical in both qualifications. Candidates must have 2 years of experience and show high practical competence.



Practical aspects will be taught and explained, but no practical examination is expected. Those who have attained Associate qualification can convert to a professional certification when they have two years of experience and can pass the practical exams.


Application Form

Please fill in the professional or associate certification application form so we can assess your suitability, and send you an invoice for registration.



When registered you will receive self-study course notes, information on how the practical exams run, and notification of the date of the course and venue. On satisfactory completion of the course, you receive the appropriate CTCB-I certification.

The days will be organised as follows:

Cleanroom Testing Practical training

Theory exam

Practical exam - Professional candidates only

Revision Lectures, Practical Training and Examination

Candidates for the both the Professional and Associate certificates must attend a two day course and examinations.


Course content

Day One

Revision Lecture

Day Two – Morning
Written Exam
Day Two – Afternoon
Practical Training
Day Three
Practical exams – Professional candidates only

(Note that the timetables may differ in various locations – consult the local Societies)

Cleanroom Testing/Validation

Fee Elements

The price is advertised in the notices for each course and with the booking forms. There are separate fees for each of the elements below:


Registration - Associate and Professional candidates


Professional three-day course - lecture course and exam


Associate two-day course

Coffee, tea and lunch over the course will be included in the cost. Please advise the society you book through of any food allergies.


Examination re-sit

Note: Accommodation costs and other meals are the responsibility of the candidate. Please advise the society you book through of any reasonable adjustments that need to be made for you on the course. 

Book a CTCB-I Cleanroom course

Contact the nearest Cleanroom Society to you: The CCN in the UK, CTS in Turkey, ICS in Ireland, R3Nordic in Sweden, and VCCN in The Netherlands.