Cleanroom Technology Course

The course’s primary objective is to provide participants with an extensive and well-rounded understanding of cleanroom technology, ensuring they attain a high level of competence in this field. Throughout the course, candidates will receive instruction and assessment on a wide range of essential topics, including the fundamentals of cleanrooms, their historical context, and the various types in existence.

Cleanroom Technology - Revision Lectures & Examinations

The course covers standards, information sources, cleanroom design, construction materials, air filtration systems, testing and monitoring protocols, as well as various aspects of air control and cleanliness, such as filter installation leak testing and quantification of airborne particles and microbial counts. In addition, the course looks at the crucial areas of cleanroom disciplines, materials, equipment, and machinery, as well as the proper use of cleanroom attire, including clothing, masks, and gloves. The programme is delivered in a one-day format with a comprehensive examination, and candidates who successfully complete it will be awarded a certificate in cleanroom technology.

The exam is made up of questions that require short answers; no essays are required. The pass mark for the Cleanroom Technology exam is 50%. The questions will be similar, or identical, to those in the sample questions and answers handbook. On average, 80% of candidates will pass the exam on the first attempt. There is an appeals procedure, and the decision of the examination board is final. Anyone failing an exam can re-sit. 

It is possible to be examined in a country outside Europe, but the exam must be held at a Centre approved by CTCB-I, e.g. the British Council or a College or University. The candidate is responsible for organising such a centre, providing proof of exam security, and paying any fee. The CTCB-I is always prepared to consider new examination venues and organising societies, provided that sufficient support can be obtained.

Revision Lectures & Examination

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Cleanroom Technology certification

Note: Please advise the society you book through of any reasonable adjustments that need to be made for you on the course. 

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