The Contamination Control Network serves as a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and the dissemination of best practices in contamination control.

The benefits of membership of the Contamination Control Network (CCN) are extensive for those who join. Members are privy to a wealth of information, delivered right to their inbox via an engaging newsletter. They also have access to various webinars, allowing them to learn and connect with like-minded individuals. The quarterly Clean Air and Containment Review (CACR) journal is also packed with insightful articles and industry news. Members enjoy networking opportunities, a vast array of cleanroom resources, and substantial discounts on training courses and Cleanroom Books. 

Contamination control interest in the UK has lacked a solid and effective focus in recent years. Historically the SEE (Society of Environmental Engineers Contamination control group) and S2C2 (Scottish Society for Contamination Control), together with CIBSE and IMechE, have covered some industry needs, but not in a modern focused way. In 2018 the founding members felt that a fresh approach to supporting industry needs was required, hence the birth of the Contamination Control Network (CCN).

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CCN Membership

The benefits of the CCN (Contamination Control Network) “no fee” membership are extensive for those who join. They deliver a variety of webinars, giving members a chance to learn and connect with like-minded individuals and stay up-to-date with the latest cleanroom content. They deliver CTCB-I courses throughout the year and provide bespoke courses to individual companies with sufficient candidate numbers. Members can download our quarterly Clean Air and Containment Review (CACR) journal, packed with insightful articles and industry news.

CTCB-I Courses delivered by the CCN

The CCN deliver CTCB-I Cleanroom Testing courses for Associate and Professional candidates. Associate candidates tend to be familiar with aspects of cleanroom testing and wish to gain a fuller knowledge of the subject. Professional candidates need to have 2 years of experience in cleanroom testing and ordinarily routinely work in cleanrooms. 

The CCN CTCB-I Cleanroom Testing course dates are listed on the CTCB-I calendar page of this site, or contact the CCN for more details.

CACR Publication

The CACR bridges the void between news-focused media and academic journals on its topic, emphasising professional development. It strikes a balance between easy-to-digest content and rigorous research. The journal is published four times a year and is uploaded into the members’ area of the CCN site for easy access to all members. The journal is always looking for authors to contribute, so please get in touch with the CCN if you have some content you would like to offer for a future publication.

Book a CTCB-I Cleanroom Technology course

Contact the nearest Cleanroom Society to you: In addition to the CCN, our other societies are Cleanroom Technology Society of TurkeyICSR3Nordic and VCCN.