Calendar of courses

Courses are delivered by our societies and the Calendar is updated as we are notified of new courses.

Calendar of CTCB-I courses

This page lists the courses currently scheduled for the next 12 months. Dates may be subject to change, so we always recommend contacting individual societies or checking their websites for confirmation. Please contact our Societies directly to book a CTCB-I course, links to their sites are below.

Our Courses

Cleanroom Testing

Proficiency is essential when assessing a cleanroom, find out more about our Associate and Professional CTCB-I Cleanroom Testing course.

Cleanroom Technology

For those seeking a foundational understanding of Cleanroom Technology, this course offers a comprehensive introduction to the subject matter.

The CTCB-I Societies

Book a CTCB-I Cleanroom Technology course

Contact the nearest Cleanroom Society to you: The CCNCleanroom Technology Society of TurkeyICSR3Nordic and VCCN.