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Courses for internationally recognised Cleanroom Certifiers, and other certified professionals working within Cleanrooms and clean air devices.

Who we are

About the CTCB-I

The Cleanroom Testing and Certification Board International is a non-profit board set up to educate, train and certify candidates in cleanroom testing and technology. An Advisory Board ensures the quality of the CTCB-I course and is composed of experienced cleanroom technologists, many of whom are members of national and ISO cleanroom standards committees, which oversees the content, teaching and the examinations so that there is a consistency from all societies that host courses.

The CTCB-I courses are recognised by the ICCCS (International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies) which encourages and supports consistent standards for training and certification.

Are you a cleanroom professional and can you prove it?

Many people working in cleanrooms have the knowledge and expertise to claim to be cleanroom professionals. Still, they may wish to prove this with a certificate obtained through a respected teaching institute. The Cleanroom Testing and Certification Board – International (CTCB-I) provides educational courses and awards certificates through training and formal examination.  

Training and certification programmes

The comprehensive suite of training and certification programs covers the practical and theoretical aspects of cleanroom design and construction, testing and monitoring, and operation, conduct and cleaning. Certification by CTCB-I allows professionals to demonstrate their knowledge to potential employers and clients. Recertification is required every five years. The CTCB-I Cleanroom Certification programme is highly regarded amongst the regulated industries such as pharmaceutical and healthcare, as well as other life science and technology-based processes. 

Developing your professional cleanroom skills

People working in the field of cleanroom technology will be aware that only some further-education courses on this subject exist. However, many wish to develop their professional skills and improve their chances of promotion or want to learn about cleanrooms.

This is best done through a structured course ending in an examination and certification and through an institute whose prime interest and knowledge is in the field of Cleanroom Technology.

Cleanroom professional credentials

The CTCB-I Certificate of Cleanroom Professional credential can prove one’s knowledge of cleanroom technology and operations. It is an internationally recognised certificate, as well as being accepted as the industry standard worldwide. With this credential, one can demonstrate their expertise in cleanroom operations and become certified to work internationally. The CTCB-I Certificate is also a great way to differentiate oneself from other professionals when applying for jobs and promotions. With this certification, employers know they are hiring qualified candidates with the necessary skill sets.

Our Courses

Find out more about the structure and content of the CTCB-I courses.

Cleanroom Testing

Proficiency is essential when assessing a cleanroom, find out more about our Associate and Professional CTCB-I Cleanroom Testing course.

Cleanroom Technology

For those seeking a foundational understanding of Cleanroom Technology, this course offers a comprehensive introduction to the subject matter.

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