Member Societies


BCW Belgian Cleanroom Workgroup Chris Verdoodt


CCN (application) Contamination Control Network Tim Triggs
CTS Cleanroom Technology Society Hasim Solmaz


ICS Irish Cleanroom Society Chris Delaney


R3Nordic Chalmers Lars Ekberg


S2C2 Scottish Cleanroom Society Jim Carmichael


VCCN Netherlands CC Society Koos Agricola



 Membership of CTCB-I Board

The membership of the CTCB-I is made up of the following delegates.

          a.  Two delegates nominated by each Society who run, have run, or aspire to run CTCB-I courses;
          b.  One course co-ordinator from each CTCB-I course;
          c.  Technical experts elected by the Board of Delegates.

Each of the delegates has one vote.  A delegate may be authorized by a written proxy to vote also for another member. All of the above delegates shall also be able to vote on any resolutions circulated by letter or email.



Chairman: Koos Agricola

Koos Agricola is an Applied Physicist at Research and Development of Océ Technologies BV since 1986. Océ Technologies BV develops and produces printing systems for the professional market. For the production of various materials and components cleanrooms are used. He has designed and operated cleanrooms and cleanroom process equipment. He also investigated the effectiveness of various cleaning and contamination control methods.
He is the secretary of the VCCN and chairman of the VCCN Education Board and teaches the VCCN courses ‘Cleanroom behaviour’, ‘Cleanroom design and construction’ and ‘Cleanroom cleaning (basic and advanced)’.

Secretary: Chris Delaney

Delegates from R3 Nordic

Bengt Ljungqvist

Dr. Bengt Ljungqvist received his Ph.D. in 1978 and is, since 1986, Professor of Safety Ventilation at Kungl Tekniska Hogskolan, Stockholm. Since 1978, he has worked in the field of safety ventilation, both as a scientist and as a consultant. As a consultant, he is contracted by pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, laboratories, and others to solve problems within this field. In 1993, he was appointed Visiting Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC, USA. He is past Chairman of the Nordic Association of Contamination Control (R3-Nordic).

Berit Reinmuller

Dr Berit Reinmuller received her Ph.D. in 2001. She has spent 30 years in the pharmaceutical manufacturing field, specializing in the areas of contamination control, environmental monitoring, validation, and microbiological risk assessment. She is also representing Sweden in the ISO/TC 209 'Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments’. She is employed as Senior Researcher in Building Services Engineering at Kungl Tekniska Hogskolan in Stockholm, and also contracted as a consultant by the cleanroom industry Dr Berit Reinmuller.

Lars Jansson

Lars is an Engineer in the Cleanroom Testing/Test Group of NNE Pharmaplan Sweden. He was previously a service technician educated by Kojair Tech OY on LAF- & Safety Cabinets and a Service Representative of Kojair Tech OY in Sweden
He has more than 15 years of experience within validation and qualification of cleanrooms and other controlled environments. He is a certified cleanroom tester according to CTCB, and has a wide range of experience within validation and control of laminar airflow (LAF), safety cabinets and fume cupboards. Furthermore, Lars is an experienced consultant in the design phase of new cleanrooms and safety zones as well as reconstruction of cleanrooms.
Since 1999 Lars has been an active participant in the standardisation work performed in the SIS technical committee “TK108 Renhetsteknik”. As one out of two in Sweden, he is certified to perform the KI discus test on safety cabinets and fume cupboards.  He is 

  • Certified Cleanroom Tester According to CTCB; Validation of Cleanroom, HVAC, GMP, Filter Test
  • Certified to Perform KI Discus Test
  • Certified by ATI (Air Techniques) to Perform: Calibration & Repair of Aerosol Photometers & Aerosol Generators

He participates as a Swedish Expert in

    • Work Group ISO/TC209/WG1- Airborne Particulate Cleanliness Classes and
    • Work Group ISO/TC209/WG3 – Test Methods

Lars Ekberg

Delegates frm VCCN

Koos Agricola
Philip van Beek

Philip van Beek is CEO at Contamination Q&A, a company which has questions and answers on the cleanroom business. He has experience in the construction of cleanrooms since 1980. First he was employed by a supplier of filters and after that he had many positions at cleanroom contractors. He was involved in more than 200 projects in the pharmaceutical and micro-electronic industry. All projects, without any exception, were realized with tailor-made solutions. He is the treasurer of the VCCN and a member of the VCCN Education Board. He is also a member of the ISPE and TVVL (Dutch HVAC society), has a broad vision on the cleanroom market from design to realization. As author of various articles on cleanroom realization and speaker on various congresses he has a broad experience. He has a CTCB Professional certificate.

Andre van Tongeren

André van Tongeren is operation manager at Aerodynamic. He has 7 year experience as a cleanroom testing specialist. He is educated in business administration en electro technical building services. He has a CTCB Professional certificate.

Technical experts

Kevin Beauchamp

Kevin has 21 years experience working in the contamination control and cleanroom industry. He joined the industry in 1986 as a clean air test and certification engineer for PED Ltd [Tanshire holding now Bovis] and undertook the validation and testing throughout the world. Kevin has extensive experience in the testing of contamination control facilities and clean air equipment [cleanrooms, safety cabinets, fume extraction and pharmaceutical isolators]. Also offering expertise in cGMP validation support including design review, protocol generation (FAT, DQ, IQ, OQ PQ), delivery and execution. In June 1994 he joined Crowthorne Hi-Tec Services as general manager with a team of 18 engineers. In 2004 Kevin was part of the MBO team of Crowthorne Hi-Tec Services.

Ed Brown

Ed Brown graduated with an Honours Degree in Chemistry in 1984, from the University of Salford.  In 1985 his career began in the field of Occupational Hygiene, the field in which he still practices.  In 1992 he graduated from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, with a Masters Degree in Occupational Hygiene (with Distinction) and followed that in 1993 with the Diploma of Professional Competence in Occupational Hygiene. His Occupational Hygiene work took him into many pharmaceutical plants, where his experience and knowledge of cleanrooms and clean air devices was first gained.  This knowledge and experience enabled his business (Vega Environmental Consultants Ltd) to expand into the field of cleanroom and clean air device testing, which they still perform today.  In 1996, Vega Ltd attained 'Certified Cleanroom Testing Contractor' status with the NEBB (National Environmental Balancing Bureau - USA) and Ed himself is a certified 'Cleanroom Performance Testing Supervisor' with the NEBB.

Tim Triggs

Course content

Bill Whyte

Bill Whyte has a BSc in Microbiology and a DSc in Mechanical Engineering. He is an Honorary Research Fellow, Glasgow University, Scotland. He has been involved with cleanrooms for over 45 years.  He has written over 120 reports and papers, and two books on cleanroom design and cleanroom technology.  He is a member of British and International standards committees writing the International Cleanroom standards.


Peter Fernie

Peter Fernie is a Natural Sciences graduate of Oxford University.and is the Managing Director of Fernie Technical Services which supplies contamination control materials, and training services to the Irish Cleanroom industry. After experience in the scientific instrument, process instrumentation and oil and gas industries he commenced in 1982, cleanroom related activities as a sales distributor for a number of Companies in the semiconductor and electronics industry in Ireland. Specified and managed the installation and commissioning of semiconductor facility for the Indian Government 1985 -1988. From 1988 involved in Irish Cleanroom sector supplying materials, floor coverings and production equipment. In 1997 initiated introductory training courses in Ireland for cleanroom personnel in conjunction with Bill Whyte. In 1998 was founder member of Irish Cleanroom Society and was  Secretary for sixteen years . In 2003, he established CTCB courses in Ireland in collaboration with S2C2, and ran them until 2014.