Cleanroom Testing & Certification Board International


Schedule of forthcoming courses & events

Courses and Examination sessions are advertised here. They are arranged on an ad hoc basis rather than at regular times and in regular places.

Note that ICCCS Accredited Education and CTCB-I certifications are explained on the ICS, ICCCS and CTCB-I websites

CTCB-I Cleanroom Testing and Certification, 2 days Associate and 3 days Professional

Dates (2020) Location Society
5-7 May Woerden, The Netherlands VCCN
19-21 May Passfield, England  
13-15 June Istanbul CTS
9-11 July Passfield, England CCN
? Lille, Belgium BCW
? Glasgow, Scotland S2C2
6-8 October Göteborg, Sweden R3Nordic
? October Dublin, Ireland ICS
11-13 Nov Passfield, England CCN
19-21 Nov Woerden, The Netherlands VCCN

CTCB-I Cleanroom Technology

Date Location Society
23 May Birmingham CCN

The CTCB-I courses in Letchworth UK are run by ACT under the auspices of S2C2

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