Cleanroom Testing & Certification Board International

The Cleanroom Testing and Certification Board International

Quality Assurance

The quality of the CTCB course is ensured by an Advisory Board composed of experienced cleanroom technologists, many being members of the BSI and ISO cleanroom standards committee, and which oversees the content of the course, the teaching, and the examinations. The Advisory Board meets regularly to monitor the course content and administration.

The CTCB-I courses are further accredited by the ICCCS Education Committee (ICCCS Accredited Education) to ensure a uniform international standard for the training and certification. Full details of the accreditation guidelines may be seen here.

Are you a Cleanroom Professional and can you prove it?

Many people working in cleanrooms have the knowledge and expertise to claim to be a cleanroom professional but may wish to prove this by a certificate obtained through a respected teaching institute. The Cleanroom Testing and Certification Board – International (CTCB-I) provides educational courses and awards certificates through training and formal examination. 

People working in the field of cleanroom technology will be aware that few further-education courses on this subject exist. However, many wish to develop their professional skills and improve their chances of promotion, or simply wish to learn about cleanrooms.

This is best done through a structured course ending in an examination and certification, and through an institute whose prime interest and knowledge is in the field of Cleanroom Technology, and has years of teaching the design, testing and running of cleanrooms.

Member Societies